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Celebrate Your Move With Our Favorite No-Fuss Plants

Decorate Your New Place With Our Favorite No-Fuss Plants

Moving homes is certainly not the first thing that comes to mind when people think of summer. But according to U.S. census data, nearly 60 percent of annual U.S. moves take place between May and August. Nice weather, summer school breaks, and the prime housing market all make summer the unofficial season of moving. Factor in backyard barbecues, baseball games, and poolside parties—you’ll quickly appreciate less demanding care needs when you spruce up your space with no-fuss plants!

If you’re one of the millions of people who are planning a move to a new home or apartment, we invite you to outfit your new space with some fresh greenery. Not only do houseplants double as decor, they’re also natural mood boosters and they’re fun and rewarding to care for! When you order from Bloomscape, your new plant will be delivered from our greenhouse to your doorstep—giving you more time to settle in.

Snake Plant

Unsurprisingly, the distinctive upright blades and low-maintenance needs of the Sansevieria land it at the top of our no-fuss plant list. These desert dwellers prefer infrequent waterings, since they store extra moisture in their semi-succulent leaves. Plan to check on your snake plant once a month, water it only when the soil is completely dry, and watch it thrive in your new space.

ZZ Plant

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If you’re always on the go, a ZZ plant is the perfect addition to your new space. For starters, it’s virtually indestructible—it can survive for months without water and tolerates all light conditions. It can even survive under artificial light in a windowless room! Aside from its low care requirements, the arching leaf stalks are adorned with shiny green leaflets that allow this plant to make an elegant statement in any room.

Bird of Paradise

Add a tropical touch to your new home or apartment with a Bird of Paradise plant. With its dramatic, oversized leaves, these rainforest natives are sure to make a statement. While a larger plant may seem intimidating to a novice, Bird of Paradise plants are surprisingly easy to care for. Simply place yours in a relatively sunny spot and keep the soil moist throughout the growing season (spring through fall).

Pothos Plant

With its vine-like tendrils, the humble Pothos offers a world of possibilities when it comes to display. You can nestle it into a hanging planter, let its vines drape down a bookshelf, or perch it on a windowsill. Best of all, pothos are incredibly hardy—simply water when the soil is dry and prune any damaged or yellow leaves and stems.

Parlor Palm

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The compact Parlor Palm is perfect for small spaces and will look great on a tabletop, shelf, or side table. First gaining popularity during Victorian times where they commonly adorned (you guessed it) parlors with low light conditions, these easy-care plants aren’t picky. They can tolerate most light levels and simply need a good soak when the soil volume is about 75% dry.

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