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Our Complete Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Whether she’s the mother of kiddos, pets, or plants—or even if she’s not a Mom but you look up to her like one—she deserves a little green this Mother’s Day. Not sure which plant suits her best? We’ve made it simple with our complete Mother’s Day gift guide for all the Moms in your life.

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For the new Mom

She barely has time for herself, let alone houseplants, but that doesn’t mean she won’t appreciate the gift of mood-boosting blooms for her space. The best houseplants for new Moms are ultra-low maintenance while being bright and cheerful, like a flowering Orchid.

For the Mom who loves to entertain

If the Mom in your life is always looking for an excuse to host a lively gathering, we’ve got two recommendations that act as conversation starters while contributing to the kitchen. Moms can accent their culinary masterpieces with the fragrant flowers of the Lavender Tree and garnish cocktails with the sliced fruit of the Bromeliad Pineapple.

For the Mom always on the go

For those who frequently travel or have a long list of kid’s activities to tend to, the gift of a plant might seem like a burden. Good news—we’ve got just the low-maintenance plant for this Mom! The Bromeliad Aechmea Pink flaunts a bright bloom and isn’t picky about a missed watering every once in a while.

For your Mom’s Mom

For any Grandmother, we think the fuzzy-leafed African Violet is the perfect nostalgic bloom to show your appreciation. There’s a good chance your Grandmother has grown this beauty before, since they were popular in the 70s and are making a comeback thanks to their adorable flowers and easy care needs.

For the Mom who’s always outside

If your Mom spends her summers on the patio or in the garden, the Outdoor Flowering Collection is sure to have something her style. These curated collections feature hanging pots and patio planters designed to flower non-stop from spring until the first fall frost, meaning your Mom will enjoy these blooms every time she steps outside.

Please note: Outdoor plants will ship after the threat of frost has passed, so depending on where she lives, your Mom may receive this gift after Mother’s Day.

For the pet Mom

Detail view of Mini Money Tree leaves

There are so many pet-friendly plants to consider for the animal-loving Mom in your life, but an easy choice is the Mini Money Tree. Our most-gifted plant, this tropical tree thrives in indirect sunlight and doesn’t need much water. It’s also said to bring good fortune to its keepers.

For the plant Mom

How do you choose the perfect plant for the plant Mom who has everything? The natural next step for any houseplant lover is to take it outside. It’s easy to transition outdoors with flowering tropicals that can be overwintered inside. Choose the Gardenia for its sweetly scented blooms or the Mandevilla for a cascade of cotton-candy pink color.

Please note: Outdoor plants will ship after the threat of frost has passed, so depending on where she lives, your Mom may receive this gift after Mother’s Day.

No matter what kind of Mom she is, if she’s impossible to buy for because she’s got everything under the sun, or if a card just doesn’t seem like enough, send her a gift that keeps on growing.