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Plant-Inspired Activities To Do With Your Kids This Summer

Bloomscape | Creative Indoor Activities to do with Your Kids this Spring

If you’re on the hunt for summer activities for kids, you’re not alone! Now that school’s out, the more ideas, the better when it comes to keeping kids busy. By integrating activities inspired by plants, you’ll not only keep kids entertained—you’ll also encourage science-based learning and cultivate a love of living things.

So, if you’ve exhausted all of your go-to games and want to bring the outdoors in, read on for our roundup of summer activities for kids!

Easy Ideas For Summer Kid Activities

Start a kid-friendly plant from seed

There’s something magical about watching a seed sprout and grow into a big, beautiful plant. No matter their age, kids will love this activity that helps incorporate responsibility into their daily routine. Be sure to choose a sunny windowsill or full-sun spot outdoors as you wait for seeds to sprout.

Keep seeds well-watered to ensure germination success! We recommend a spray bottle to wet the surface of the soil, and a watering can as the plant becomes larger. For flowers, try zinnia or marigold seeds. If you want to harvest vegetables, tomatoes and green beans are a good choice. If you’ve got lots of outdoor space, squash and melons are fun plants to grow! Get all the answers to your seed starting questions at

Show a houseplant some love

For a clever way to keep kids engaged while you give your favorite houseplant some attention, ask for help in giving your plant a summer spruce-up. Gather a few basic tools like snips and dusting gloves. Then, go over every inch of your plant to remove yellowing leaves, check for pests, and remove dust and debris.

Wanting to get your hands dirty? Repotting can be a fun way to teach kids about the root systems of plants. Pick up a repotting kit and check out our step-by-step guide. Be sure to water your plant in and watch for new growth, which is a sure sign it has adjusted to its new home!

Explore plant propagation with kids

It’s pretty incredible that a piece of a plant can make an entirely new plant, and we think this bit of information will pique the interest of any kid. Generally, vining plants like Heartleaf Philodendron, Pothos, and Tradescantia are good candidates for tip-cutting propagation. With a few supplies, including a pretty propagation kit, snips, a new pot, and some potting soil, you’ll be set!

Simply place the cut end of a stem in water. After a few weeks in a bright, warm spot, roots will begin to grow. When they reach 1-2″ long, the plant can be transferred to soil. Read our guide on how to propagate trailing plants for full instructions. Encourage kids to observe changes daily—some may enjoy taking notes, recording measurements, and sketching pictures as the plant develops roots and new leaves!

Encourage kids to observe the great outdoors

Bloomscape | Creative Indoor Activities to do with Your Kids this Summer

Whether you live somewhere urban, rural, or in between, head outdoors and go on a nature walk with your kids! Look for plants and talk about the shapes and colors of their leaves and flowers. Observe the wide range of environments plants can grow in—even if you live in the city, you’ll find plants popping up in the cracks of sidewalks and alleys!

Along your way, bring a pair of snips and a water bottle and create a bouquet of things you find (it doesn’t have to be traditionally pretty—this is a great way for kids to express their creativity!). If you don’t have permission to cut flowers, have kids sketch what they see in a plant journal or take artistic pictures. Noticing the little details on plants is a great way to connect with nature and tap into kids’ creative sides.

Stock Up For Summer Plant Activities

  • Mister

  • Watering Can

  • Moss Pole

  • Potting Soil

  • Neem Oil

  • Superthrive