happy mother's day!

Give a gift that grows. We're here to help you find the perfect plant for every mom in your life. Be sure to order by Tuesday, May 7 for delivery by Mother's Day!

pet-friendly plants for moms with fur-babies

Pet Moms can be Plant Moms, too! Choose from our collection of non-toxic and pet-friendly plants that won’t make your fur-babies sick if they decide your greenery looks like a nice snack. The Stromanthe Triostar is a colorful and bold pet-friendly option.

self-reliant plants for new moms

The last thing a new mom needs is another living thing that demands her care and attention. Get her a hands-off houseplant that is happier if forgotten about. The Sansevieria Moonshine and Zenzi are plants that can take care of themselves—so she can enjoy the benefits of houseplants without the extra work.

bright, vibrant plants for grandma

Whether grandma has an extensive plant collection or is still working on her green thumb, a colorful plant with playful foliage is sure to be the talk of tea time with the gals. The Calathea Peacock, Pinstripe Plant and Dracaena Colorama will brighten her day.

independent plants for busy moms

Treat your favorite go-getter with a plant that works with the time they have, or the lack thereof. These plants are beautiful and low-maintenance, making them perfect for the office or home. Give her a Prickly Pear Cactus or a Parlor Palm.

living room ready plants, straight from the greenhouse to your door

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