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10 Tropical Plants That Will Make Every Day Feel Like a Staycation

As we spend summer 2020 at or close to home, we’re looking for small ways to spark joy and lift our spirits day-in and day-out. While some have turned to baking banana bread and slugging whipped dalgona coffee each morning, we prefer to invest in fresh greenery. In addition to cleaning the air and aiding WFH productivity, indoor plants are natural mood-boosters and can even help reduce stress.

If you’re looking for a planty pick-me-up, we invite you to browse our newly-launched Bromeliad Collection. Native to the tropical and subtropical Americas, Bromeliads lend a relaxing staycation feel to any home or apartment, especially when paired with warm-weather staples like Birds of Paradise, Palms, Monsteras, Money Trees, and more.

Known for their vibrant leaves, these foliage plants boast stunning, long-lasting blooms in an impressive array of colors, including pink, yellow, orange, red, and purple. These lush plants thrive in wet, humid environments and actually grow on shady forest floors or attached to trees in the wild. At home, Bromeliads prefer bright, indirect sunlight, infrequent waterings, and fast-draining potting soil (see our full care guide for more information).

Below, learn more about Bromeliads and the indoor tropical plants we’re coveting this summer, and shop each varietal to turn your home into a relaxing, island-inspired oasis.

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise: Bloomscape

As the name suggests, the Bird of Paradise is a tropical plant native to South Africa. With their striking, banana-shaped leaves, these perennials are the gold standard in indoor tropical plants. They can grow up to 20 feet tall in the wild and typically stand three to eight feet high at home, making them a great statement plant in any space. Despite their daunting stature, they’re surprisingly easy to care for — they prefer a sunny spot, weekly waterings during the growing season, and an occasional misting. For more information, see our full Bird of Paradise plant care guide.

Bromeliad Pineapple

Buy Bloomscape Potted Bromeliad Pineapple

Nothing says “tropical staycation” like a pineapple plant. These unique Bromeliads produce one edible pineapple fruit per plant, even when grown entirely indoors. Best of all, each plant will produce tiny offshoots or baby plants, that will eventually grow into mature, fruiting pineapple plants themselves. Native to South America, Bromeliad Pineapples prefer conditions that mimic their natural habitat — yours will thrive in bright, indirect sunlight by an east or west-facing window, and love added humidity if possible. The pineapples are ripe and ready to pick when the outer skin develops into a bright shade of yellow, and the flesh is the familiar orange-yellow shade you’ve seen at the grocery store. See our full Pineapple Bromeliad guide for in-depth care instructions.

Anthurium Ruffles

Buy Bloomscape Potted Anthurium Ruffles

Native to the rainforests of Ecuador and Colombia, Anthurium Ruffles is a unique tropical plant that grows on trees or rocks instead of in soil in the wild. It’s known for its dramatic, ruffled leaves that grow in the shape of a bird’s nest. These rainforest-dwellers will thrive in a warm, well-lit corner, and prefer a daily misting to mimic the effects of humidity. See our full guide to Anthurium care for more information.

Bromeliad Aechmea Pink

Buy Bloomscape Potted Bromeliad Aechmea Pink

These vibrant Bromeliads are famous not for their fruit, but for their brilliant blooms that can last up to six months. Our specific varietal boasts beautiful silver-green leaves and bright pink flowers that will lend a tropical flair to your home or apartment. Native to Brazil, Bromeliad Aechmeas actually grow on trees in the wild and absorb most of their nutrients through their leaves as a result. At home, our Bromeliad Aechmea Pink prefers bright, indirect sunlight and added humidity. You actually water Aechmeas at the center of the plant instead of the soil, and should keep a small retainer of water there at all times. For more care instructions, see our full guide.


Thanks in part to Instagram, Monstera plants have surged in popularity in the past few years and remain a staple for plant parents. Native to the tropical rainforests of Southern Mexico, these eye-catching plants love bright, indirect sunlight and the occasional morning mist. Above all else, they’re known for their distinct, swiss cheese-like leaves — it’s no wonder they’re a favorite among design-conscious plant lovers.

Bromeliad Vogue

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For a slightly more subtle pop of color, opt for a Bromeliad Vogue plant. These tropical blooms feature deep maroon flowers with yellow tips, and will lend an equally beautiful but slightly more subtle tropical splash to your space. Similar to the Aechmea, Vrieseas grow on trees in their native Mexico and Brazil and have few roots. Water your Vriesea through the center, or urn, of the plant, and empty and rinse every few weeks to prevent salt and mineral buildup. Catch our complete guide for more care information.

Money Tree

Money Tree: Bloomscape

For the perfect low-maintenance tree-plant hybrid, meet the Money Tree. This tropical plant is native to Mexico and northern South America and features verdant palm-like leaves and a unique braided stem. According to ancient Feng Shui practice, Money Trees can enhance the wealth and prosperity of its owners and therefore make a great addition to a home office. To help your money plant thrive, place it in low to bright indirect sunlight and water deeply but infrequently. See our full care guide here.

Bromeliad Miranda

Buy Bloomscape Potted Bromeliad Collection

Similar to our Vogue and pink Aechmea bromeliads, our Miranda features lush green leaves and beautiful sword-shaped scarlet flower spikes tipped with gold that last for months. Mirandas also grow on trees as an epiphyte, or air plant, in their native Brazil and absorb their nutrients through foliage, as opposed to roots. Perch your Miranda on an east or west-facing window for ample sunlight, and treat it to a good misting or humidifier every few weeks as a treat. See our full care guide here.

Bamboo Palm

Buy Bloomscape Potted Bamboo Palm

For a more traditional take on the palm plant, opt for our tropical Bamboo Palm. With dark green fronds and bamboo stems, this plant will add an authentic tropical touch to your space. Native to the forests of Central America and Mexico, the Bamboo Palm is extremely tolerant of low-light conditions and will easily adapt to your home or apartment. Place it in a well-lit corner and water only when the top 50 percent of the soil is dry. For more specifics, see our full care guide.