Plant Care

How to care for plants while you’re away

Caring for your plants while you're away

Follow these tips from the Grow-How™ Team to care for your plants while you’re away.

Whether you’re traveling for the holidays, going on vacation, or out of town for business a little extra preparation can ensure that your houseplants will stay healthy and happy while you’re away.

Clean up your plants

Remove any dead leaves—they just take up more energy from the plant. And don’t forget to check the soil and remove any dead and decaying leaves to prevent insects from moving in.

Water them thoroughly

Give your plants a good soaking before leaving. Most plants require a bit less water in the winter, but always keep your individual plant needs in mind. Doing this in a tub or shower makes it easy to water your plants thoroughly. Allow the water to flow freely from the bottom of the pot. Let your plants rest and the excess water to drain before placing them back on their saucers. Remember, you do not want to have any standing water in the saucer, because it can cause root rot.

watering your plants thoroughly

Boost the humidity

Humidity is key to keeping your plants healthy. Group your plants together in a smaller room or area that still receives some natural daylight. This will create a microclimate and the plants will create their own humidity. If your bathroom has a window that provides light this would a great choice. Use a pebble tray (watch how to make one) and make sure that it is full of water and mist your plants before you leave.

Increase humidity for plants

Ask for help

Ask a friend to care for your plants if you will be away for an extended period of time. Make sure you leave clear watering and misting instructions and walk them through your plant routine. 

Do you have a plant question or concern? Don’t worry the Grow-How™ Team is here to help! No matter what your question is or what kind of plant you have, we are here to answer your questions and give you the encouragement you need to be the best plant parent you can be. We want to share our love and knowledge of plants with you.

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