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Become An Instant Plant Parent With These Curated Collections

If you’re just getting into the plant game but not sure where to start, our experts have curated plant collections to brighten any space with the tap of a finger. Read on for the perfect pairings that will make you look like a seasoned plant pro!

For the design + decor lover

Bring all the beauty and none of the work with our Showstopper Bundle. Featuring a few of our most distinctive plants, this trio will lend instant impact to your space. With a range of colors, textures, and pot sizes, this group will thrive in any space with bright indirect light.

  • Mini Money Tree: Our most popular plant ever, the leaflets of this fast growing tree shine in the sun above a stout trunk.
  • Bromeliad Aechmea Pink: Showcasing an oversized bloom next to broad, silver-toned leaves, this bromeliad produces new plants, or “pups,” as it grows.
  • Ponytail Palm Tree: There’s nothing quite like the Ponytail Palm with its abundance of long, thin leaves that flow down elegantly.

If your space features shelving or you’d rather display your plants from pretty macrame hangers, check out the Trailing Trio.

For the beginner

As a new plant parent, it can be intimidating to choose your first plant! Why not start with a pair, like what you’ll find in our Beginner Bundle? Two of our most easy-going selections, these plants are adaptable to nearly any light level and can go a long time between watering.

  • Hedgehog Aloe: Enjoy this sturdy and spiky plant perched near a bright window where it can soak up the sun.
  • ZZ Plant: Known as one of the toughest houseplants for a reason, the ZZ Plant brings a touch of the tropics with its whimsical, arching leaf stalks.

Another option for new plant parents is the trio of small-sized starter plants you’ll find in our Mini Beginner Set.

For low light spaces

It can be tough to select plants for those low-lit interior spaces. You might be dealing with low light if your windows face north, if you have small windows, or if sunlight is blocked by nearby buildings or trees. Not to worry, as we have lots of options for plants that can tolerate less than ideal lighting, like those found in our Low Light Bundle.

  • Whale Fin Sansevieria: This hardy snake plant makes the ultimate statement with its single, oversized leaf.
  • Red Prayer Plant: With pretty, painterly leaves, this prayer plant is semi-trailing with leaves that dance throughout the day as they follow the light.

Looking for more low light options? We’ve also curated a Mini Low Light Set plus an XL Low Light Bundle.

For the kitchen

You’ll be inspired to expand your culinary palette when you spice up your cooking space with the Kitchen Bundle. This duo of charming plants thrives in the higher humidity and indirect bright light that most kitchens have to offer.

  • Calathea Freddie: This calathea is the perfect size for your countertop or a protected windowsill where you can enjoy the look of its delicate leaves.
  • Bromeliad Pineapple: The pineapple plant features long, strappy leaves which surround an adorable miniature ornamental fruit.

We’ve also got the Living Room Bundle and the Mini Bathroom Set, making it easy to grace every space in your home with fresh greenery!

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