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Zenzi Plant

Zamioculcas ‘Zenzi’

Whimsical and easy, with spiraling, dark green leaves.


13"-18" tall (including pot), 6"-13" wide
very easy, perfect for beginners
low to bright indirect light
Pet Friendly
Can cause mouth irritation and digestive reaction
Air Cleaner
removes formaldehyde from the air

30 day guarantee

If your plant dies within 30 days, we’ll replace it for free, no questions asked.

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Buy Potted Zenzi Plant

botanical name

Zamioculcas ‘Zenzi’

common names

Zenzi Plant,  Emerald Palm, ZuZu Plant

full description

The Zenzi Plant is a survivor–making it perfect for the very busy or new plant owner. Seriously, if you remember nothing else about caring for a Zenzi Plant, just remember to forget to water it! This hardy plant is able to survive for months without water and will grow well in any light except direct sun.

The Zenzi Plant is new to the indoor foliage plant scene. It is a dwarf variety of the ZZ Plant with dense, compact “stems” and very dark green leaves that grow in pairs about halfway up the stem.

This native of Kenya, East and South Africa requires very little water and does best when it is basically ignored. If you’re looking for a hands-off plant that makes a statement, the Zenzi is the plant for you!

Product details

  • Healthy plant in its pot with premium soil — saucer included
  • All the tips and tricks for expert-level care
  • Plant Size (including pot): 13"-18" tall, 6"-13" wide
  • Pot Size: Ecopots, 8" in diameter, 7” tall

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